Water sports holidays in Tuscany: Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddling

There are many water sports that you can continue or start practicing while on holiday in Tuscany and among these, we certainly find surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing and kayaking and stand up paddling.

Surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing: the power of wind and waves

Surfing is a sport that consists of “riding” while standing on a special board, the waves of the sea. By exploiting their propulsion alone, even very complex acrobatics can be performed, but obviously great balance and physical strength are necessary.

Windsurfing is also practiced on the sea above a board, but a sail is mounted on it through a mast, which the surfer uses to be pushed by the wind’s power. In this case too, however, the wave’s propulsion is often exploited to do jumps and tricks of various kinds.

Kitesurfing is practiced with the use of a board that glides on the water, but it is towed by a kite that uses the wind’s force as propulsion.

Canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddling: for a less adrenaline-filled holiday

Canoeing and kayaking are two very similar sports, where the boats are propelled by the use of paddles. They are sports activities that require a great effort for the arm muscles and burn a lot of calories and unlike rowing, the paddles are held with the limbs raised and not fixed to the hull.

Although they are very similar sports, canoeing and kayaking are boats with many differences: the first, born in North America from indigenous peoples, originally could only be used on one’s knees (although today you can find canoes that allow you to stand with your legs stretched out), exploiting the propulsion of a single paddle, while the second, created by Arctic peoples, allow a more comfortable seating and the kayaker uses a double-bladed paddle, making it a much more widespread sport.

Stand up paddling is a younger sport, perfect for those who love movement and want to stay in shape, it is a variant of surfing, where you need to balance on a board, usually standing, maneuvering with a paddle. To practice this water sport on holiday, you need a SUP board (even inflatable ones can be found), a paddle and strong arms and legs (or a desire to strengthen them!).

Why should you come to Tuscany to practice your favorite water sport?

Because when it comes to waves, wind and sea, the connection with a beautiful holiday on the Tuscan coast, snaps immediately!

Whether you have already been practicing one of the above mentioned water sports for a while, or you are looking for the right opportunity and time to try one, reaching Tuscany will certainly meet your needs.

At any time of the year, the places and beaches on the coast from which you can start with your board or kayak are numerous, and if you need to rely on a school or a center to approach these water sportsyou will easily find skilled teams of professionals who will be happy to help you and your family.

Don’t make them wait, an unforgettable seaside holiday in Tuscany awaits you!

Would you like to practise water sports during your holiday in Tuscany? Contact us!

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Accommodation facilities

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Here you will find a selection of small tourist accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, holiday homes, and more. Each offers unique sports and wellness experiences where human contact is a top priority.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any accommodations that cater to this sport. You can browse through our list of facilities below.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any accommodations that cater to this sport. You can browse through our list of facilities below.

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