Baratti Diving - scuba diving holidays and snorkeling tours

Baratti Diving - scuba diving holidays and snorkeling tours

immersioni subacquee costa degli etruschi

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  • Scuba diving holidays on Elba Island without a ferry
  • Snorkeling Tour holidays
  • 40 dive sites 
  • Sea baptism on holidays
  • SCUBA courses
  • Rental and sale of equipment
  • Active from April to October

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Discover more

Baratti Diving: the Diving Center for your scuba diving holidays in Tuscany, Italy

Are you fascinated by the underwater world? Are you looking for an unforgettable scuba diving experience in Italy? Come on holiday to Tuscany, the Baratti Diving Center is your next destination for exploring the depths of the Tuscan sea!

Operational from April to October, we will guide you to 40 different dive sites to discover the wonders of the Etruscan Coast, Elba Island (without having to take the ferry) and the islets of Cerboli and Palmaiola, magical places, with crystal clear waters and historical wrecks, that only a few lucky ones have had the opportunity to see with their own eyes.

The Marenea Amateur Sports Association was founded in 2012 from the passion for the sea of Luca Lai, SNSI Instructor Trainer, graduated in Sports Sciences and with many years of diving experience, promotes, through the Baratti Diving Center, scuba diving through guided excursions, Snorkeling Tours, Experience Scuba for beginners and Scuba Courses for all levels.

The experience of “man of the sea” of Luca Lai and his Team guarantees the safety and comfort of any dive, technical and recreational, giving the opportunity to discover the wonderful seabed of the Etruscan Coast, Elba Island, Palmaiola Island and Cerboli Island.

The dives of Baratti Diving

The Etruscan Coast and the Island of Elba

The expert team of divers and instructors will accompany you to discover the 40 sites along the Etruscan Coast, Elba Island, and the islets of Palmaiola and Cerboli.

Each tour and sea experience starts from the splendid location in the Baratti-Populonia Natural Park, which will take you to the chosen places for diving and Snorkeling Tours.

Of the 40 visitable sites, some are dedicated to recreational diving, suitable for all levels of experience, while others are reserved for technical diving, more difficult and challenging. It is obviously necessary to have a scuba diving certification.

Among the accessible sites for recreational diving are Punta Palme Nane with its maximum depth of 33 meters, Cala Buia (-15 m), Sotto Castello (-37 m), Gorgonie Rosse (-36 m), Coccodrillo (-15 m), Cigliata di Cala Buia (-30 m), Scoglietto (-15 m), Secca di Santa Lucia (-23 m), Punta della Madonna (-10 m), Ancorone (-42 m), and Picchi di Pablo (-35 m).

You will be able to discover these marvelous seabeds, come into contact with fish and mollusks of various species, explore marine vegetation, and visit the wrecks of ancient boats.

Islets of Palmaiola and Cerboli

The island of Palmaiola and the island of Cerboli offer a unique marine and environmental context, with important nesting sites for seabirds and an abundance of plant and animal endemisms.

The island of Palmaiola is located about 7 km from Piombino and 3 km from Elba Island and takes its name from the abundant presence, in the past, of Dwarf Palms. On its summit is the Military Navy lighthouse and the heliport. A safe nesting place for many species of seabirds, including the Great Shearwater and the Corsican Gull.

Near Palmaiola, you can dive in three sites: Secca del Frate (-25 meters), Secca della Botte (-28 m), and Punta Sud-Ovest (-25 m).

immersioni isola di palmaiola baratti diving

The islet of Cerboli is 8 km from Elba Island and 6.5 km from Piombino. It is of limestone origin and was owned by the writer Carlo Cassola. Today it is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and is a protected area. The island extends for only 0.04 square km and hosts a subspecies of lizard that only lives in this environment, as well as plant and animal endemisms.

The dive at Cerboli begins with an anchor on the south side of the islet on a 12-meter deep seabed. The itinerary continues through a siphon, passing through crevices populated by octopuses, lobsters, scorpionfish, and moray eels, and finally resurfacing, where you can meet barracudas and dentex of considerable size.

Technical dives

For fans of technical diving, Baratti Diving offers 11 sites for breathtaking dives, such as the Wreck of “Giorgio” at -80 meters deep, Capacitas at -60 meters, Caboto (-75 m), Franata del Ginepro (-70 m), Bettolina di Nisporto (-60 m), the shallows of Scoglietto (-51 m), del Semaforo (-55 m), del Piccolo Giallo (-50 m), dei Coravalli (-53 m) and Punta Cannelle (-60 m).

Experience Scuba - Sea Baptism during your holidays

Do you want to try breathing underwater for the first time? If you are on holiday in Tuscany, the Baptism of the Sea will make you live an unforgettable adventure in total safety! Thanks to the assistance of a personal instructor and the necessary diving equipment, you can immerse yourself a few meters deep and start to become aware of the wonderful underwater world.

And it’s also a perfect gift idea. You could prepare a surprise for the person you love and amaze them while you’re on holiday in Tuscany. Or as an alternative and definitely impactful birthday or graduation gift!

Scuba Experience is also ideal for those who are undecided about taking a diving course, to start getting familiar with the equipment, the water, and the fantastic living creatures that inhabit it!

SCUBA Courses: become an Expert Diver

As an SNSI Instructor Trainer, Luca Lai, who manages the Baratti Diving Center, also offers instructor courses for both recreational and technical diving.

In addition to this, you can participate in scuba diving courses to improve your diving skills or start from scratch, from beginner to advanced, including specialties like freediving. Learn from experienced instructors and discover all the wonders that the underwater world of Tuscany has to offer.

Courses are open to everyone, including children and teenagers aged 10 and up. Lessons and demonstrations take place at the Poggio all’Agnello Resort’s pool, located in Populonia Stazione, just 2km from the Gulf of Baratti.

Snorkeling Tours on Holidays: Gulf of Baratti and Etruscan Coast

The Snorkeling Tour is a fascinating and easily accessible experience to discover the underwater wonders of the Gulf of Baratti and the Etruscan Coast. Ideal for families, groups of friends, and beginners, this activity allows you to observe the marine biodiversity of the coast without the need for advanced diving equipment or specific certifications.

With the assistance of expert guides, participants will have the opportunity to dive into crystal-clear waters and get up close with marine fauna, such as colorful fish, mollusks, and marine plants. The Snorkeling Tour is a unique opportunity to get closer to the underwater world in a safe and fun way, making your holiday in Tuscany even more unforgettable!

Baratti Diving is not just a diving center: it is an experience that allows you to discover an underwater world rich in life and beauty, in total safety and with the assistance of expert instructors. With Baratti Diving, your underwater holiday in Tuscany will be one-of-a-kind!

Brief Overview of Services

Sports: Recreational diving, technical diving, SCUBA courses

Activities: Sea Baptism, Snorkeling Tours, Guided excursions

Where to Find Us

*In addition to the Port of Baratti, you can find us at the Poggio all’Agnello Resort, located in Populonia Stazione, just 2 km from the Gulf of Baratti.


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Baratti Diving – scuba diving holidays and snorkeling tours

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Baratti Diving
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Pierpaolo RosadiniPierpaolo Rosadini
21:42 23 Mar 24
Ho fatto un immersione è stato bello!
M StM St
22:06 12 Oct 23
Mi sono unito a Baratti Diving per una giornata di divertenti immersioni.Eravamo in contatto in anticipo tramite WhatsApp.L'intero processo dal contatto fino al ritorno al centro immersioni è stato molto semplice e diretto.Le immersioni sono state belle e mi sono sentito ben curato.Sicuramente mi immergerei di nuovo con Baratti!
Davide TamacoldiDavide Tamacoldi
18:02 19 Sep 23
Bellissima immersione fino al limite del mio brevetto Open (18 mt). Ottima organizzazione e un grazie alla Divemaster Fara che con la sua competenza in biologia e fauna marina mi ha guidato in questo fantastico mare!
Tudor ManeaTudor Manea
17:02 17 Jul 23
19:10 14 Jul 23
I turisti molto antipatici vengono sfruttati. L'operatore è molto arrogante e scortese, sconsigliato. Anche l'attrezzatura subacquea è del dopoguerra.
Jacopo VivaldaJacopo Vivalda
16:03 04 Jul 23
Battesimo del Mare. È stata un'esperienza meravigliosa, l'istruttrice (Angie) è preparatissima e mi ha guidato passo passo con cortesia e pazienza. Tornerò per conseguire il brevetto. Grazie!
Katytao KatytaoKatytao Katytao
12:09 01 Nov 22
Grande Luca!!!! Questo lungo weekend lo abbiamo dedicato alla formazione per il brevetto Recreational Deco Diver e siamo tornati al Baratti Diving perché quando eravamo freschi di Open Water Diver Luca era stato fantastico quindi ci siamo affidati a lui ed alla didattica SNSI per aumentare il nostro divertimento nel mondo sommerso. Luca si è confermato supercompetente, oltre ad averci formato ci ha dato dritte importanti di cuiabbiamo fatto tesoro inoltre la gran capacità di ascolto e la sua simpatiahanno reso il tempo trascorso insieme più stimolante e gradevoleNonostante la lontananza torneremo sicuramente a tuffarci con il Baratti Diving.
05:29 29 Aug 22
2 immersioni all elba senza andare all isola in traghetto, team simpatico e disponibile. Impegno di tempo limitato all attività Diving il che lascia più tempo libero nella giornata. Siamo usciti in un gruppo multibrevetto. Bell esperienza.
Paolo MolinoPaolo Molino
15:47 05 Aug 22
Bellissima esperienza di battesimo del mare . In mezzo alla vacanza ho deciso di concedermi questo regalo. Ho trovato competenza, una location magica fuori dalla confusione, professionalità. Sarei rimasto lì un altro paio d’ore!
Alessandro BorioAlessandro Borio
04:31 24 Jul 20
Diving center fantastico, gestito da ragazzi professionali e competenti. Immersioni splendide sia nelle acque di baratti che dell'isola d'Elba . Dettaglio non da trascurare: il diving da la possibilità di parcheggiare gratuitamente!!! Bravi ragazzi continuate cosi!

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