Santa Lorica Farmhouse, Sassetta (LI)

Santa Lorica Farmhouse, Sassetta (LI)


  • Immersed in nature, away from the chaos
  • Strategic location for sports activities
  • Ideal for Trekking, mountain biking, and e-biking
  • Pool with panoramic views
  • Authentic cuisine with locally-sourced ingredients

Discover more

Discover more

Revitalising in Nature: Santa Lorica

When you arrive at the Santa Lorica Farmhouse in Sassetta (LI), your breath has already begun to change rhythm: all the greenery you passed through on the road that brought you here, all the air that has caressed your face along the way, has helped to ease the tension in your muscles, and made you anticipate meeting this place which, for many reasons, we can consider magical.

Elena and Leonardo, the managers of the farmhouse and the farm, welcome us from the main building’s porch.: together since 2004, they have three children and love country life and natural cooking.

What was it like to make the leap from a passion to a profession?

“We have always been attracted to genuine flavours and ingredients that are part of our culinary tradition, and although it was a good starting point, it certainly wasn’t enough,” Elena tells us. “The experience we gained in the 13 years we ran a private business prepared us to open our own place, but since we arrived here in 2019, we continue to learn new things, day after day, and it’s wonderful.

Speaking of learning, your farm offers several activities as well, doesn’t it, Leonardo?

“Yes, of course, the educational vegetable garden is always very loved, and at certain times of the year, we organise courses on various topics related to the earth and food, such as olive growing, grafting (in March), agroforestry (from April to September), sourdough bread and natural leavening. For many of our guests, it’s a great way to spend a few days away from home, but without sitting idle.”

And what do we eat after a day out in the open air at the Santa Lorica farmhouse?

“We only serve local recipes, genuine dishes prepared with the products we grow ourselves”

Do your guests like the kind of holiday they can have here?

“Yes, we feel that there is a visceral need for structures like ours, people need to taste the real flavours of the ingredients we use in the kitchen, without chemical substances, flavour enhancers and various aromas. There’s a need to savour, taste and see firsthand how the things we love to eat the most arrive on our table. The amazement of many and the satisfaction of all make us realise every day that we are on the right path”

Active holiday surrounded by greenery

In addition to relaxing and revitalising, what sports activities can be practiced during a holiday at the Santa Lorica Farmhouse?

“All of our guests can enjoy our swimming pool, nestled amidst our park’s greenery, boasting a unique view over the countryside and the nearby town of Sassetta. There is the possibility to rent E-Bikes to explore the surrounding hilly terrain, or to participate in yoga and fitness classes, by reservation. Additionally, the location of the farmhouse is also an excellent starting point for stimulating trekking, suitable for all fitness levels, and we have the contact of a hiker who can accompany all those who wish to organise an outing.”

What is the best season to visit you?

June and September are the best months, both for the weather and for the lower turnout, which allows for greater peace and tranquility. Of course, you don’t risk crowds even in high season: this is a genuine, rural farmhouse, even spartan somehow, but always authentic, and our beloved guests know it. We’re much loved by families with children and we’re often welcoming group holidays because we allow spending quality time with those you love.

We could easily stay here for much longer, but it’s time to bid farewell to Elena and Leonardo. We want to thank them for welcoming us into their project and world. Before we leave, there is one final delightful surprise to discover: a small shop stocked with all the farm’s products. Guests can purchase these items after their stay, which is a wonderful way to celebrate their connection with the land and extend the enjoyment of their holiday.

Sports and Facilities Summary

Sports activities in the surrounding area: mountain biking, e-biking, road cycling, running, yoga, trekking (with the possibility of being accompanied by local guides)

Services: Pets allowed, Free Wi-Fi throughout the property, Swimming pool



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