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L’Atelier del Movimento: the Feldenkrais Method in Tuscany

Featured: Feldenkrais® Method Tuscany for physical well-being Specialized Somatic Education courses Postural alignment and harmonious movement for fluidity and coordination Stress reduction and muscle recovery Thematic seminars on breathing and specific movements for sports and outdoor activities Discover more Discover more Who We Are Hello Fabrizia and Marzia, we’re delighted to welcome you to Tuscany …

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Marianna Romano Dog Trainer

Sports Activities with Dogs Educational walks/hikes Playful workshops at the beach and in the field Dog sitting Mobility Behavioural rehabilitation Scent activities in mantrailing and detection games Basic and advanced training Basic obedience and tricks Discover more Discover more Meet Marianna Hello, Marianna, could you tell us a bit about yourself? “Hello Patrizia and Gianni! …

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