Dog friendly Holidays: Dog agility

Italy is becoming more and more pet-friendly. Spending weekends or holidays with your dog visiting art cities or taking hikes and trips of all kinds is becoming easier and more accessible for everyone. But doing dog agility together is the best way to keep your pet in shape, have fun, and strengthen your bond.

Canine sports
are many and increasingly popular as dogs have fun, release their energy, interact with other dogs, and develop their motor skills. In addition, physical activity also reduces the risk of obesity, a rather common problem among our furry friends.


What is dog agility?


Dog agility is the most well-known and practiced canine discipline, where the dog, with the support of the owner, must try to complete a course, which can range from 100 to 200 meters, overcoming a series of obstacles (12 to 20, depending on the level of difficulty) in the order prescribed, in the shortest possible time and avoiding penalties.

If your dog is the star, you in agility will be its handler: you will learn to guide it with vocal and gestural commands, and it will become a real team game, creating a great understanding between the owner and the animal.


Which dogs can do agility?


All dogs can do Agility, obviously there are breeds more suited than others, especially those more tireless and prone to running like Shepherd dogs and Jack Russells, but the essential requirements are: that it is properly vaccinated and has a microchip, has reached 4 months of age (18 months to participate in competitions), and clearly has no injuries or illnesses that may endanger its health.


Dog agility on vacation


Take advantage of your next Tuscan holiday to discover dog agility with your pet and maintain physical fitness while strengthening your relationship with your furry friend.

Training fields for dogs here qualified instructors operate, can be found throughout Tuscany, and whether you decide to visit art cities or spend a vacation under the sun of a dog beach on the coast, you and your four-legged friend will return home with a new activity to practice together for the rest of the year, it will be a truly unforgettable holiday!

Are you planning a Tuscan holidays with your dog? Get in touch, we'll help you!

Accommodation facilities

Are you considering spending your holidays in Tuscany?
Here you will find a selection of small tourist accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, holiday homes, and more. Each offers unique sports and wellness experiences where human contact is a top priority.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any accommodations that cater to this sport. You can browse through our list of facilities below.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any accommodations that cater to this sport. You can browse through our list of facilities below.

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