ASD Circolo Magona - Sports and Recreational Activities in Piombino

ASD Circolo Magona - Sports and Recreational Activities in Piombino

campo da padel piombino asd magona


  • Tennis and Padel Club
  • Courses with national instructors
  • Sand court for Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Beach Soccer
  • Archery lessons with FIDASC and FITARCO instructors
  • Close to the sea and Piombino city centre

Discover more

Discover more

ASD Circolo Magona: Tennis, Padel, and much more in Piombino!

The ASD Circolo Magona in Piombino is more than just a sports and recreational club: it is a place of cooperation, volunteering, and mutual support. This is also possible thanks to Giuseppe, the president of the sports centre, where tennis, padel, beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach soccer, and archery are practised and taught.

When we visited the club, Giuseppe welcomed us with joy and hospitality, making us feel part of a big family. “Everyone is welcome here, from members to enthusiasts, to those who choose Piombino for their active holidays and seek some leisure in a healthy and welcoming environment!”

As soon as we arrived, Giuseppe invited us to follow him. “I want to show you the club, the activities, and introduce you to the instructors and coaches!” It is immediately evident how much he cares about clearly communicating the purpose of ASD Magona. “The club promotes the area with social activities, providing facilities for sports, cultural, and recreational activities, such as painting and photography courses.

Giuseppe is the perfect example of what we want to promote: passionate about Piombino and the Val di Cornia, committed to enhancing these extraordinary places with his concrete contribution.

Of course, he is not alone, and all this is possible thanks to the indispensable help of collaborators, members, and volunteers, as he explains: “We are a big family, and everyone is committed to creating a place where anyone can feel at ease, finding a pastime, a passion, and the light-heartedness necessary to relax from daily commitments.

A history that began in the 1950s

“Circolo Magona was established in 1950 as the company club of the La Magona d’Italia factory in Piombino,” Giuseppe tells us while showing us the various sports fields. “From its inception, the goal was to promote sports and cultural activities for its employees, supporting activities promoted in the area by the sports council of the municipality and CONI.”

In 1990, after the land was sold, ASD Circolo Magona was founded, opening its activities to all citizens. However, the original goals of promotion and community remain unchanged. “Of course not, quite the opposite. Everything has been done since then non-profit, thanks to the contribution of many volunteer members who self-finance.”

Services and Sports of ASD Circolo Magona

The club is located in a well-maintained green area and features a bar with a refreshment area, spaces for events, men’s and women’s changing rooms, and various sports fields:

  • 1 Synthetic Tennis Court
  • 1 Clay Tennis Court
  • 1 Padel Court
  • 2 Archery Ranges
  • 1 Beach Volleyball – Beach Tennis – Beach Soccer Court

“We offer the opportunity to attend courses and lessons for children, teenagers, and adults, both beginners and competitive players, with instructors and coaches of recognised professionalism at the national level.”

“In 2015, we transformed the outdoor bocce courts into archery ranges for sport and historical archery, allowing local archers to train locally, even for events like the Palio di S. Anastasia,” he proudly tells us. “It is a great honour for us to support the activities of Serena Gazzola, who joined the Italian National Team and has won many regional, national, and world titles for FIDASC and FITARCO.”

Our tour of the club is almost over. We have seen plenty of greenery, well-maintained fields, many smiles, a desire to have fun, and love for others. “Through our sports and cultural events,” concludes Giuseppe, “we strive to promote social aggregation and sharing on the values of friendship and the need to help each other through teamwork, against discrimination, violence, and abuse.”

Book your court!

ASD Circolo Magona is open all year round, in autumn and winter from 08:00 to 23:00 and in spring and summer until 24:00. To book a sports field or a lesson, you can contact the office at the numbers provided below, fill out our contact form, or use the WanSport website.

Whether you are on holiday in Val di Cornia or a local resident, book a field for your favourite sport and come meet Giuseppe and all the people who make ASD Circolo Magona a special place in Piombino!

Services at a glance

Sports: Tennis, Padel, Archery, Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Beach Soccer

Services: Individual and groups courses with national instructors in Tennis, Padel, and sport and historical archery. Bar with refreshment area. Event spaces. Men’s and women’s changing rooms

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